Adultery For Beginners

When the Freeman family return to England after ex-pat life abroad, Neil settles down immediately while Isabel realises her life is crying out for something more. But, after years of being defined as Neil’s wife, what?

Despite Neil’s misgivings, she finds a position working for the disorganised – if dangerously attractive – Patrick and, although her head is telling her to think of Neil and the children, Isabel is drawn to her new boss. But if lust can turn to love, so love can become obsession.

Is Neil as contented as he seems, though? And does her new friend Justine really have Isabel’s best interests at heart or is she working to a different agenda? Isabel is thrown into a whirl of conflicting loyalties, desires and responsibilities at whose heart lies the agonising question: can an adulterous wife be a good mother?

‘Adultery for Beginners is like having an affair with – thankfully – none of the guilt. Definitely one of my favourite books of the year!’ Jane Green

“A gripping portrait of an affair gone bad” Kirkus Review

“An extremely gripping romantic novel with the page-turning qualities of a thriller” The Daily Express

“An engrossing read” Woman Magazine

“A gripping read” Heat Magazine

“An astute view of modern morals and marriage, well handled. Very good indeed.” The Bookseller

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